Change of Name Deed

For various reasons, both adults and children may consider changing their names.

A Change of Name Deed is a stand-alone document giving formal recognition to your new name. In the UK you are legally allowed to go by whatever name you wish as long as your intention is not to defraud anyone. However, if you want to obtain formal documentation with your new name you need to complete and file a Change of Name Deed also known as a Deed Poll. This is a formal document which can be prepared by our solicitors. Once the document has been signed and witnessed it can be presented as evidence of a change of name.

A Change of Name Deed can only be used by someone over the age of 18. Changing a child’s name can be more complicated as the consent of all parties who have parental responsibility is required.

For advice and further information on changing your, or your child’s name please contact us on 020 8509 2656 or email us, NR Legal offers a fully-managed service where we guide you through the process of changing your name or that of your child, providing you with the legal support you require.