Debt Recovery

At NR Legal, we offer a complete solution to debt collection and recovery that offers you the best possible chance of recovering debts with minimum hassle and costs.

We acknowledge how important it is for your business to collect unpaid debts as quickly and efficiently as possible. By taking time to understand your business and the wider commercial environment in which you operate, we can provide proactive, timely and cost-effective solutions to debt recovery

Debt recovery stages

  • Letters before action
  • Issue of County Court claims
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Issue of statutory demands
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Winding-up proceedings

Our fixed fee debt collection operates on undisputed debts only and this service does not include general advice or advice on your prospects of recovering outstanding debts.

We recommend in all cases that a credit/status check is obtained to ascertain whether it is worth pursuing your debtor. A Companies House search or bankruptcy check may assist.

Debt Management Plan

A DMP is an arrangement between you and your creditors which we manage for you. You repay your debts at a rate you can afford and we help remove the stress by dealing with your creditors.

A debt management plan will put you back into control without borrowing more money (experience shows that this can just make things worse). With only one payment to make and a realistic chance of getting your interest and charges frozen and no fees taken out, your debts will be repaid as quickly as possible.

For an informal discussion or to find out how we can help, please contact our client care team on 020 8509 2656 or email us.