Being a tenant one may face an eviction, or being a landlord you may seek an eviction order from a court against your tenant for possession and outstanding rents, there are scenarios, where one may not be able to cope up with mortgage payments, in these needy times we can help you whether you are a tenant, a landlord or a borrower.

We are here to help you in those matters:

  • Housing disrepairs, unlawful deprivation of occupation
  • Accelerated possession proceedings
  • Business tenancies, recovery of rent arrears, Forfeitures protection from harassment
  • Forfeitures, mortgage possession claims
  • Landlords licence or consents, assured short hold tenancies
  • Assured Short hold Tenancies
  • Recovery of rent arrears
  • Business tenancies
  • Possession Orders
  • Disrepairs
  • HMO licensing
  • Deposit Disputes