Will Writing

Setting up an English or an Islamic Will can be a complicated and sensitive matter. Special consideration must be given to your loved ones, who will look after them and your estate after you have gone and how they will deal with those sensitive issues concerning legal tax and funeral arrangements.

At NR Legal Solicitors we offer a cost-effective, efficient and friendly Will writing service to help you plan ahead. At the outset we will discuss your family and financial situation and how we can help to fulfil your wishes. We will ask you about a full range of issues such as the suitability of executors, guardians for your children and trust provisions, anticipating changes which will inevitably occur over the years. We know that writing your Will is a personal matter and you can be sure that everything you say to us will be in strict confidence.

To write your Will or to request a Wills questionnaire, please contact us on 020 8509 2656, or send us an email.

We also deal with probate matters.